Why Preschool is Good for your Child and What Benefits it Offers?

Every parent wants their kids to be developed with healthy and strong brain architecture. Preschool experience for kids in the early years have great reflective effects on their futures considering the fact that a child’s brain grows to 90 percent of its adult size by the age five. High-quality preschool programs profits children to build up their skills that allow interacting appropriately and effectively with others.

Kids Really Need Preschool as they can get a better and bigger environment that is full of passion and skills. Kids can meet more children of their age. Being around with other children of their age, exposed to numbers, letters, shapes, playing atmosphere offers a bigger boost to equip your little ones with the skills they need in their lives. Here are few reasons why preschool is good for your child!

Opportunity to explore

High-quality child education programs from Los Angeles Preschools are based on learning through play, therefore learning will be fun for your kid, and there is no doubt about it! Perhaps the parent might become confused to answer some of their questions by kids! Preschools will surely convey the best solution to make your job easier. It will teach your children to find answers through exploration, experimentation, and conversation.

Social and emotional development

Participation in high-quality, center-based Preschools positively influence all children’s kindergarten inclination. Children will be able to learn how to cooperate, be respectful towards others, and resolve any problems. It also has many positive impacts such as attention to achievements, early literacy skill developments, as well as perfection in social and emotional developments. Best Preschools in Los Angeles will help them not only to acquire necessary academic skill but also social skills.

Offer a foundation for learning

Young children are naturally inquisitive and attentive. By observation, they can learn the skills such as assembling things, counting, identifying bills or coins to pay for the purchase, reading the instruction, and much more which have a big family as well as a society value. Los Angeles preschool will provide the safest place where your child will grow the sense of self, exploring new things, play without any disturbance, to build a big confidence in them.

Preparing for elementary school

Los Angeles Preschools provides a foundation to prepare children with the intention of meeting up the academic demands of school, as well as the social need. Pre-literacy skills will make your child grow up too soon. Faculties in the Best Preschools in Los Angeles will offer the Pre-literacy skills with a wide variety of games and activities which will help not only acquire necessary academic and social skills but also help your child grow up.

Structured as per a classroom setting

Best Preschools in Los Angeles offers an opportunity for kids to be acquainted with the structured setting of the class room with teachers and groups of children. They will able to learn to share their ideas and follow instructions, the approach to knowing more, how to share the teacher’s attention and much more. Los Feliz Preschools educate every child with this sort of experience before they start school.


If you wish to get enrolled your kids into a quality preschool care then contact today Camelot Kids Preschool. We are a non-profit educational organization whose objective is to offer the best learning environment for kids in Los Angeles. All our staffs are dedicated to offer a big chance to take care of and educate the most loving person in your life (Your child)! To know more about us, please browse through our website http://www.littleknightsla.com/ today!

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Make Your Toddler’s Smooth Transition to Kindergarten in Silver Lake LA

Planning for the transition of your toddler to kindergarten in Silver Lake LA? Do you want it to be smooth? It can greatly benefit from home support your toddler will enter the new phase of education.

Obviously, you want to spend enough time and energy to make your child’s first impression a positive one. Here are a few tips that will help you make your little one’s smooth transition to kindergarten in Silver Lake LA:


Do visit the new classroom in advance, if possible. Though your child will be in a new school, you should visit the school, the classroom, playground, and other school areas.

Introduce your child to teachers and administrators. Use a children’s book or photos to help your child feel better for the school environment.

Remember that you’re going to set the tone for how your child pictures the experience of kindergarten. Discuss how excited you were when you attended your first day of school.

You should understand what your child fears – especially if she or he is experiencing concerns. So ask them politely and listen carefully. Acknowledge the concerns that your child expresses as opposed to making light of them.

Fun Packed Preschool

Fun Packed Preschool

Find out whether your child is anxious. Discuss the positive experiences, like making friends, learning new things, and so on.

Please make sure your child knows when she or he will be picked up. You should help your child know when that time will relate to events instead of the clock. For instance, say, “I’ll pick you up right after the story time.”

If your child has not ever had an experience of being around other children, you should set up some play dates with neighbours or family, friends. An important part of the kindergarten experience requires that children know how to relate to others.

When the big day arrives, you should let your child pick out what he or she wants to wear. But you need to lay out clothing the night before.

At the end, you should make sure that you’re prepared both mentally and emotionally. It won’t be easy for you to walk away, when your child is crying. But staying there will only make the situation more difficult. You should say simply a good-bye and remind your child that you’ll see him or her very soon.

Conclusion –

Now you might have got the ideas to prepare for your toddler’s transition to kindergarten smooth and stress-free. So, it’s time to enroll your kids to Camelot Kids – a well-known kindergarten in Silver Lake, LA and let your little one learn, experience in an interactive child-friendly ambiance.


You should check out more details about our best preschools in Silver Lake, LA . Please stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter social networks.

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How Do You Choose a Pre-schooler Day Care in Silver Lake LA?

Giving your pre-schooler the best start to their education is one of the most commendable things you can do as a responsible parent?

Are you looking for a pre-schooler day care in Silver Lake LA? However, choosing a daycare that offers a perfect environment for preschool learning is important. Parents enrolling their children at a school for the first time face challenges of making a perfect decision.


Before narrowing down your options, keep in mind that every child is unique. The development stage and intelligence type vary from a child to another. This means, what works or your neighbour’s kids might not be ideal for your pre-schooler.

Here are a few ways you can consider to make a perfect choice of daycare for your pre-schooler in Silver Lake, LA:

1. Approach –

The method of teaching is unique in a pre-schooler daycare. However, a holistic approach should be applied to early childhood education. This integrates different learning aspects – metal, physical, social, and mental.

A well-rounded pre-schooler program equips kids for primary school – where education is more-structured. Hence, approach plays a key role in your child’s critical formative years.


Whatever the approach of daycare, the main aim is to offer child-centred and play-based learning opportunities. Every preschool implements own programs and activities. You should evaluate them completely to understand what exactly suits your child the best.

2. Environment –

Apart from science and math, a daycare is a perfect destination – which focuses on interaction with the environment, students, and teachers. Therefore, play-based strategies are used for learning.

Red Room

You should choose a preschool with impressive child care facilities like slides and other structures you can expect in an outdoor playground. Even, you can look for multiple recreational areas that encourage children to dance, sing, and create art as well.

When children feel free to play, they are able to sense the world and know how exactly the objects operate. Playtime also motivates them to hone their social skills. After all, a social foundation will carry them through the relationships they make in formal schooling and the real world they grow up.

3. Logistics –

Should your kids go to a daycare in Silver Lake, LA near you? This is one of the questions – which will pop up when going through options for your pre-schooler. Some parents feel that the daycare near to their home is the right one.

Group Play

However, no one can compare to the affection shown by the parents to their pre-schoolers. But it’s important to let you know that the pre-schooler can receive the care and attention they need from other adults.

Conclusion –

When choosing a preschool, consider the ability of adults to connect and empathize with your kids. Would you prefer that the school also provide daycare facilities? If all of these factors are important to you, choose the reliable name in early childhood education – Camelot Kids. Just join your pre-schooler to a daycare program in Silver Lake, LA at Camelot Kids.

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Why Take Up a Parent and Me Class in Silver Lake LA?

Do you know bonding with your child is the most important aspect of parenting? Sharing a great bond with them allows you to develop a trustworthy relationship between yourself and your children. This ensures some wonderful memories and tons of enjoyment. Are you thinking how to develop a great bond between you and your child? Then consider taking up a parent and me class in Silver Lake LA.


Here are the most effective reasons to take up a parent and me class in Silver Lake LA:

1. Experience the Bonding:

By taking up a parent and me class, you can connect with your child in a better way on a different level. This class allows you to relax and have fun with your child, which builds up a great bonding between both of you. While playing and laughing with your child at a parent and me class, you can slowly learn about the like or dislikes of your child and how he/she reacts to everything. This will give you an amazing experience of parenting.

Group Play

2. See Growth in your Child’s Auditory Skills:

By choosing a parent and me class in Silver Lake LA, you can see the growth in your child’s auditory skills. In this class, your child will get a chance to socialize with other children of the same group. This will help your kid to overcome shyness and learn important social skills like sharing. No doubt, by interacting with the children of their own age, your kid will feel encouraged to learn and slowly develop some essential skills like walking and talking.

3. Learn a Healthy Perspective for an Active Lifestyle:

Do you know!! Teaching your child from a young age to enjoy a healthy and active life will help them for rest of their life. This can be achieved by joining a parent and me class. You can share a great bond with your child and allow them to learn good habits from the young age with a healthy perspective in a parent and me class. This will help you and your child learn about leading a healthy and active lifestyle, which ensures in maintaining optimum health.

4. Builds Confidence:

Physical activity for you and your child in a parent and me class in Silver Lake LA works in boosting the confidence, teaching to feel better and maintaining balance and a positive outlook in life. This will help you to stay fit, feel better and to help your child to be active. No doubt, this will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

5. Helps you to Socialize:

Parent and me classes not only helps your children to interact with new friends of same age group but also allows you to get out of the house and share relationships with other moms. It will eliminate your stress and help you realize that a woman’s whole world does not revolve around the baby and home after becoming a mother.

Fire Hose for Kids

Fire Hose for Kids

If you want to take up a parent and me class in Silver Lake LA, then contact today Camelot Kids Child Development Center. As a California Department of Social Services Licensed Facility, we offer enrichment programs like a parent and me class to bond and share a great rapport between the parent and child.

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Factors Deciding the Best Infant and Child Care Programs

When you enroll your child in Infant Toddler Classes or a childcare program you trust someone else to care for someone most precious to you. You may spend a great effort and time for selecting an arrangement that may be the best for you and your child. The child care activities promote growth in different areas of progress as well as, physical growth, social skills, emotional growth, verbal skills, cognitive ability and creativity among the little one. You must be sure to get information about applicable laws or licensing regulations are complied with child development care and meet the minimum standards for a healthy and safe care. This is a process to confirm whether the programs show they have met a higher standard of care and quality determined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Camelot Little Knights Infant Toddler Classes Silver Lake LA is very much popular and can help the participants to achieve the underlined benefits:

Class Learning Objectives-


  • Recognize how young children become skilled at best.
  • Decide age suitable activities for young children.
  • Every day opportunities for play.
  • Give examples on how to make routines interaction and learning experiences for young children.
  • Identify the significance of caregiving.
  • Express an awareness of children’s needs.
  • Identify the importance of regular supervision and routine tasks of young children.
  • A balance is maintained between quiet and active, large and small group activities.

 The Best surroundings-

  • A bright, colorful and inviting place for physical environment.
  • The environment is designed keeping children mind.
  • Furniture used in is of child sized and class materials and musical instruments should be easily accessible.
  • Displays are at the child’s eye level.
  • Toys and materials plentiful, age appropriate and in good repair.

   Family participation-

  • Parents are encouraged to participate in the program and events.
  • Parents are regularly informed of their child’s progress and child care experiences.
  • General program policies and procedures available to parents in writing.
  • Parent and Me classes in Silver Lake LA ensures the bonding with your tiny-tot


  The Staff-

  • The best caregivers at Camelot Little Knights Toddler Classes Silver Lake LA have training and experience in working with children.
  • Caregiver interact with each child in a warm and responsive way.
  • Caregivers use only constructive discipline techniques.
  • Caregivers are consistent for your child to develop a relationship with them.



Early childhood child care training can be fun, interesting, and relevant to your daily work. At Camelot Kids we are pleased to contribute to our attractive new space to our Silver Lake community.  We have been appreciated by our former students, our Camelot Little Knights teachers, staff and our community members in Silver Lake Los Angeles and surrounding neighborhoods. With our Little Knights programs we shaped an unbelievable one stop parent resource center where we provide Parent and Me classes in Silver Lake Los Angeles offering group participation, parent fitness classes where you can work out while we take care of your baby, parent workshop, pregnancy classes, birthing classes, Parents Day Out, Open Play, Disco Knights and much more. Camelot Little Knights classes are perfect for you and your baby daily schedule. We create a lifestyle with warm, laugh, learn and playing atmosphere and foster a solid community of new fellow parent friends. For additional information on how you can join in on any of our classes and participate with us here at Camelot Little Knights, please check out our Main Calendar at http://www.littleknightsla.com or call us at  <323.662.2663> and mail us at < info@littleknightsla.com>

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How To Boost Your Kid’s Creativity? 5 Activities

Every child we come across is born with a sense of imagination and creativity. But as they grew up, most of them lose their spontaneous ability & start taking things in the normal way.

Every parent wishes their kids to be imaginative & creative. An innovative child will be great at problem-solving, alert and will end up being a more accomplished adult. Listed below are a few activities that’ll assist the parent & caregiver foster the power of creativeness in their kids, with a bit of effort & time:


Tell Stories:

Stories are perhaps the best way to fuel creativity in children. You don’t require CDs or fancy books just make sure you spend some quality time with them while telling tales in an exciting way which will aid you to grab their curiosity for a good amount of time.

Unleash The Superhero Inside Them:

Kids like to do role-play & be their favorite characters every day. Talk to them & ask which superhero they like the most. You can even assist them to craft their own costume, logo, and name. They choices are never-ending & in result they get to be their own superhero.

Group Play

Motivate Them To Ask Queries:

Children have a questioning mind. They are keen to understand the why’s & how’s of everything. As their guardians you can enhance their creativeness by motivating them to be open minded about their queries – it does not matter how strange or unrealistic it is. This will get their brain working faster & motivate them to think and not to say their self-confidence will improve eventually.

Let Them To Make Their Own Choices:

Freethinkers & creative kids generally have the bravery to make their own selections. Allow your child to select his own garments, make his own weekend plans. These apparently minor decisions will assist his independence and imagination in a significant way.


Being one of the best Los Angeles Preschools, we at Camelot Kids offers a variety of programs that are specially designed to improve the creativity of your kids. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll your kid in our school and see them prosper in their personal and persona life.

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How To Avoid The Bad Preschools In Los Angeles? 3 Signs

Enrolling your child in a preschool is definitely a momentous event for him. It is that 1st big step from babyhood towards childhood. So, you need to be quite specific when selecting a preschool for your kids. When looking for the best preschools in Los Angeles, you must watch out the warning signs listed below in order to avoid the bad ones.


A poor rating from parents:

Don’t waver to evaluate a preschool in Los Angeles on what you have perceived from other parents. In many circumstances, word of mouth can be a great source of vital information.  Of course, you should not try to keep a certain opinion regarding the school until you check it out yourself. Trust your own 1st impression more than anybody else.


Poor School guidelines:

Rules & regulations are essential for any educational institution. Preschools without clearly stated guidelines for anything from operational hours to how to deal with emergency situations are expected to possess other organizational issues also.

Likewise, preschools without a strict child policy must be eliminated from your list. A reputed preschool must need staff & kids to have current immunizations and get daily checkups. This guideline is a positive sign of how strictly they consider health & cleanliness concerns.

Group Play

A dubious curriculum:

Avoid preschools that either possess no regular program or provide one that’s static & not challenging. Kids need variety, change, and an opportunity to develop. If the school is not offering organized and age-appropriate activities that vary on a regular interval, of if the TV & videos are an important part of their agenda, keep looking for the next best preschool in LA.

It’s also a negative indication if the structure of the school looks rigid with inflexible schedules that don’t leave room for kids to explore at their own pace.


Bring your kids to Camelot Kids if you’re looking for the best preschool in Los Angeles. Let your child to develop in an environment that let them explore themselves in a much better way. For any query, feel free to dial us at 323.662.2663.

5 Great Tips for Selecting The Best of Preschools in Los Angeles

Before you pick up the best among Los Angeles Preschools, take into account their learning approach, curriculum, play activities, enrichment skill and more to make sure that your baby gets the best of his or her preschool experience.

From psychological studies it has been quite clear that kids with an idealized preschool experience perform better at school level, get socially interactive, and are emotionally strong than those who don’t go to preschool. When parents in Los Angeles want their kids to stay above a very competitive admission procedure and survive with a wide range of educational challenges, finding the best of preschools in Los Angeles becomes their ultimate responsibility which can be difficult without proper guidance.

With the inputs of the best preschool instructors available throughout Los Angeles, are prepared these five tips that would help every parent to select the best of Los Angeles preschools for his or her child:


5 Great Tips for Selecting the Best of Preschools in Los Angeles

Tip 1# Be sure that alphabets and numbers are a crucial part of the preschool’s curriculum

Early education and communication can be interpreter of future success in the child’s life. So, being capable to find child compatible preschool program and atmosphere is vital. The best preschools of Los Angeles focus on basic educational needs such as alphabets and numbers as a matter of fact. They make it easy and simple for kids to catch up with these materials with effective learning methods so that children can keep up their performance at higher level also. The best preschools in Los Angeles help kids to grow emotionally and intellectually fast and behave smartly because they care to nurture the mind of children with an interactive learning approach so that they won’t keep behind when it comes to catch up with preschool materials.

Tip 2# Know whether they follow a playful teaching method with the option of physical and creative play.

The best preschools in Los Angeles don’t restrict their teaching to number and alphabets only. Otherwise the preschool sessions for little minds will turn out to be a torture. Rather they motivate children for education through interwoven playful activities so that kids will take interest in exploring the building blocks of education and enjoy it at the core. When parents go to visit the preschools in Los Angeles, they should check for a few things like color and art on the walls, costume corner and group activities of children outside.

Tip 3#  Try to Know if children are free to select their favorite activities during the session.


When children are given a chance to select their favorite activities in Los Angeles preschool, they are likely to have better outcomes in life. In stead of teacher guided instructions at their tender age, kids should have the liberty to choose the favorite activities in the preschool so that their decision making skill will improve and get better over the passage of years. So, ask to find if there is separate time to work and play in the Los Angeles preschools and the option to let children pick up what they want to do.

Tip 4# Seek for behavioral training with “friendly approach”

Whether it is emotional or social issues of kids, the preschool should maintain a friendly approach to address it. Teaching stability and tolerance to preschool kids is necessary to help them grow properly and fit the social sphere in advance age. So, try to learn about the preschool’s teaching approach which should be friendly and mature for better role playing in future.

Tip 5# Look for great bonding between children and Preschool teachers

Every parent in Los Angeles needs a preschool with nice teachers who can engage and encourage the little ones effectively. The preschool time will bring the baby in contact with someone else other than his or her parents. It is very necessary that he or she shares a positive and nurturing bond with the teacher. This bond will help the child to get involved in preschool better and faster. So, go for the Los Angeles preschools where smiling and encouraging teachers are present to attend the child.


There are many more in the list of best of preschools in Los Angeles but each of them should be weighed with the above tips so that parents can be sure about a beautiful, enlightened and peaceful preschool experience of their child.

This post is written by Camelot Kids, a licensed preschool which is proving to be an ideal place for children to get guided to their best potential. To learn more about the best of Los Angeles Preschools program of Camelot Kids, call it on 323.662.2663 or email it via info@camelotkids.org.

A winter wonderland event at Camelot Kids for family and community


Date: December 3, 2016
Time: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Location: Camelot Kids Preschool (Silver Lake)
Address: 2880 Rowena Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Camelot Kid’s annual 8th Annual Winter Solstice is December 3rd! This is a wonderful time to gather in the spirit of the season with our Camelot families, staff and community friends. One of the COOLEST things about this event is that it requires a village of volunteers to create, which embodies their mission:

Camelot = Community

Winter Solstice is by far their biggest, funnest and most heavily family participated event.  They transform Camelot’s magical kingdom into a Winter Wonderland for your family and community to enjoy. They have real snow for sled rides, Christmas trees sold by Delancey Street Foundation, train rides, crafts, delicious food, silent auction and best of all Santa comes to pay a visit.

If you are interested in making a donation for their silent auction, you can find the Donation Receipt here. They thank you in advance for your kind contribution and ask you to participate in our family event.For more information VISIT HERE .

Group Play

Choose the Best Preschools in Los Angeles

Is your young child approaching the preschool age? If yes, you have confused over whether you should send him or her the best preschool in Los Angeles. The only way to decide is to consider the benefits of preschools as per the needs of your child. In order to help you take the best decision for your preschooler, follow the below mentioned points:

Fun Time

Key Benefits of Choosing Preschool Education

Best preschools in Los Angeles can offer a better learning environment which will suit your toddler’s needs and preferences. However, our interactive preschool programs will give an opportunity for academic learning as well as social interactions in a safe and secure learning atmosphere. With our preschools, in Los Angeles, your child’s specific needs will be taken into consideration and we will put more emphasis to fulfill all their unique needs and preferences effectively.

Fire Hose for Kids

Consider Your Child’s Specific Needs

It’s obvious that, you will consider the certain preferences of your child while choosing the best preschool setting to engage him or her in. We understand better that your child’s needs are unique and don’t worry about that as our teaching expert can determine which educational field will suit him or her the most.

Group Play

At Camelot Kids, our kindergarten programs will cater to the specific educational needs of your children in a creative manner. We will thrive to bring out the natural mind development by ensuring your child’s mind capacity exceeding their own expectations. In a same age classroom, your child can get a chance to choose from varieties of activities with a purpose. Even, your kids will have a complete control over what they want to accomplish for the day within the limits. The main motto of offering freedom to them is to excel their mental capacity.

Kids Classes

If you will enroll your toddler into the Camelot Kids Preschool programs, rest assured that your kid can get a natural sense of learning which can set him/her up to get success in life. Now, you might be thinking, what other programs available besides innovating educational programs! Well, it’s a good question! We have included “Little Knights” Parent & Me Program like Incy Wincy, Itty Bitty and Discovery classes. So, why not you let your toddler get the experience of learning first hand!