How Do You Choose a Pre-schooler Day Care in Silver Lake LA?

Giving your pre-schooler the best start to their education is one of the most commendable things you can do as a responsible parent?

Are you looking for a pre-schooler day care in Silver Lake LA? However, choosing a daycare that offers a perfect environment for preschool learning is important. Parents enrolling their children at a school for the first time face challenges of making a perfect decision.


Before narrowing down your options, keep in mind that every child is unique. The development stage and intelligence type vary from a child to another. This means, what works or your neighbour’s kids might not be ideal for your pre-schooler.

Here are a few ways you can consider to make a perfect choice of daycare for your pre-schooler in Silver Lake, LA:

1. Approach –

The method of teaching is unique in a pre-schooler daycare. However, a holistic approach should be applied to early childhood education. This integrates different learning aspects – metal, physical, social, and mental.

A well-rounded pre-schooler program equips kids for primary school – where education is more-structured. Hence, approach plays a key role in your child’s critical formative years.


Whatever the approach of daycare, the main aim is to offer child-centred and play-based learning opportunities. Every preschool implements own programs and activities. You should evaluate them completely to understand what exactly suits your child the best.

2. Environment –

Apart from science and math, a daycare is a perfect destination – which focuses on interaction with the environment, students, and teachers. Therefore, play-based strategies are used for learning.

Red Room

You should choose a preschool with impressive child care facilities like slides and other structures you can expect in an outdoor playground. Even, you can look for multiple recreational areas that encourage children to dance, sing, and create art as well.

When children feel free to play, they are able to sense the world and know how exactly the objects operate. Playtime also motivates them to hone their social skills. After all, a social foundation will carry them through the relationships they make in formal schooling and the real world they grow up.

3. Logistics –

Should your kids go to a daycare in Silver Lake, LA near you? This is one of the questions – which will pop up when going through options for your pre-schooler. Some parents feel that the daycare near to their home is the right one.

Group Play

However, no one can compare to the affection shown by the parents to their pre-schoolers. But it’s important to let you know that the pre-schooler can receive the care and attention they need from other adults.

Conclusion –

When choosing a preschool, consider the ability of adults to connect and empathize with your kids. Would you prefer that the school also provide daycare facilities? If all of these factors are important to you, choose the reliable name in early childhood education – Camelot Kids. Just join your pre-schooler to a daycare program in Silver Lake, LA at Camelot Kids.

For more information about their daycare programs, please make  stay in touch with Camelot Kids on Facebook and Twitter social networks.


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